The Power of Words: How They Shape Our Lives and Transform Us

Dive into the power of words as we explore their impact on our lives, relationships, and personal growth. Let’s harness their potential to transform us!

Rhetoric vs. STEM: Why the Study of Communication Skills Matters More Than Ever

Are we losing touch with the classic study of rhetoric in a world dominated by STEM education? Here’s some food for thought and a new perspective. Rhetoric: the art of effective or persuasive speaking or writing, especially the exploitation of figures of speech and other compositional techniques. In ancient Rome, rhetoric was a mandatory subject […]

Writing for a Purpose: The Importance of Storytelling for Positive Social Change

Telling stories is one of the oldest and most powerful ways to effect change. Here’s how storytelling can be used to promote positive social change. Under the scorching Spanish sun, a few miles East of the Portuguese border in Caceres, Spain, you’ll find a small hill shadowed by two gray apartment blocks. On the surface, […]